Before visiting Terror Behind the Screen -- our haunted house on west Court Street in the old K-mart opening Oct. 11 -- you definitely have to see these two videos.
Terror Behind the Screen is all about the unexpected and that's definitely what's in store for you below.
The first is likely proof that ghosts are real. It's raw footage from a German car commercial. If you watch the video closely, right as the car emerges from a grove of trees you can just make out the faintest image of a man hitch hiking. He appears to be made of mist, or something, but it's unmistakable! You will definitely believe in ghosts after seeing this:

The second video is an amateur nature video shot in Alaska. A large fish in a pond began going after birds! It made three unsuccessful attempts before this person tried to catch it on video. When he saw ducks hanging out near where the other attacks took place, this guy turned on his camera... and lo and behold the fish was successful! You won't believe how the fish comes up halfway out of the water and pulls down the thrashing, struggling duck!