Always fun to be watching TV and come across a Tri-Cities reference. 

CBS TV Show Makes Reference To Hanford

I've been binge-watching a TV series on HBO Max that I didn't watch in its original televised days but imagine watching the show and hearing a Tri-Cities reference?

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TV Characters Born In Washington State

The main character was born in Puyallup Washington and I caught another Washington reference while watching the show and it was all about Hanford in one episode.

The TV show is called Person Of Interest and it aired on CBS from 2011 until 2016.

Jim Caviezel plays John Reese, an ex-military operative who helps people in trouble based on a number they get from an artificial intelligence simply called "The Machine".

Where Was Actor Jim Caviezel Born?

Jim Caviezel was born in Mount Vernon Washington and attended college at the University of Washington and I wonder if his Washington ties were the reasons that they included the Hanford Nuclear site in one of their episodes? The show is normally based in New York but one episode has them traveling to Washington State.

If you are looking on HBO Max for the episode, the episode aired as the Person Of Interest season 2 finale episode 22 and was titled "God Mode"

Here is a synopsis of the episode:

The Machine grants both Reese and Root full administrative access and saves Reese (with Shaw) and Root (with Finch) from a number of potential threats. Root and Finch arrive at the Hanford nuclear facility where the Machine is kept, followed shortly by Reese and Shaw, Reese, being slowed as the Machine directs him to rescue people from the irrelevant list, but find that the Machine has moved. Finch explains that he planted a hidden code inside the Machine that would grant it the freedom to protect itself if it was at risk.

I managed to pull a scene from the show where the main characters discuss breaking into the Hanford site.

I know that liberties have to be taken with a show but once we got to Hanford, I was bummed that they used some stock photo for Hanford and not an actual filmed scene from the site.

In the episode, Caviezel's John Reese easily infiltrates Hanford and once inside, the plant looks northing you'd expect it to.

The show works on the premise that Hanford is still a functioning nuclear site rather than a site that's being cleaned up. The story writers did a good job including Hanford, if albeit a little far-fetched but hey, that's what makes for a great science fiction show.

I enjoyed the episode and loved the Washington State easter eggs and I'll keep watching to see if I spot any more Washington references in the show.

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