You know when you're driving and see a Ford Explorer and you're not sure if it's a cop or soccer mom?

It's a very popular car for both law enforcement and everyday people. But that popularity poses a potential risk. Six Washington State troopers are suing Ford claiming they are being poisoned by carbon monoxide. The suit alleges that not only is this defect present in all Ford Explorers from 2011-2018, but there "is no fix for these vehicles."

The design flaw allows carbon monoxide from the exhaust to enter the cab of the vehicles. The troopers' lawyer says when you flip on the defroster or A/C, "it will suck in the carbon monoxide inside the vehicles." It sounds pretty bad to me.

So what do the troopers want? All of those 2011-2018 models off the streets before more people get hurt.

It was so bad, one trooper had to go to the ER. One trooper hasn't been to work in a while because of repeated poisoning.

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