After posting $10,000 bail, a 26-year-old suspect arrested as part of the Net Nanny Sex Sting operation is the subject of a nationwide arrest warrant.

According to officials, Philadelphia, PA resident Ali Almafoodh posted his bail, then left for a two-week trip to the Middle East. Authorities say he returned to the U.S. to Philadelphia, but didn't come back to Tri-Cities, as mandated by his arrest and bail. says now a nationwide arrest alert has been issued for him. His bail has now been raised to half a million dollars. Yaktrinews says he's the fourth such sex offender-sting suspect in the last three years to flee Benton County. The others are still at large.

Net Nanny was the latest in a series of sex sting operations involving social media and classified personals designed to lure offenders out of hiding, then arrest them when they show up for their 'encounters', almost always with underage people. A picture of the suspect was published in the Tri-City Herald.

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