A Tri-Cities middle school math and science teacher received quite a gift on Wednesday from the community and his mortgage company.

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Henry Ney was surprised when Envoy Mortgage showed up at his home with a check paying for his mortgage and taxes for the month of November.

Mr. Ney is an educator in the Pasco School District at Ochoa Middle School. He's known for putting in the extra effort to make sure his students stay up to date with their studies. Ney is dedicated to making sure NO student is left behind.

While accepting the check, Ney emphasized that students, as well as teachers, were having a hard time navigating the Covid-19 Pandemic. Ney struggled to be creative and engaging as he taught his students remotely. Ney credits his knowledge of technology, the ability to make videos, run sound, and his resourcefulness to be successful in staying connected with his students.

The Gift of Home is awarded to 50 people around the nation. It's a project designed to show gratitude during a financially challenging time from Envoy Mortgage.

Ney said that the gift will help him and his family.

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