Fitting in can be hard.

Don't wear these articles of clothing if you want the people of Tri-Cities to hate you.

I've lived in Tri-Cities for nineteen years; grew up here myself and now I'm raising my family here. Some days I feel like I know what makes the community tick. Today is one of those days, but ask me tomorrow.

Tri-City Americans v Vancouver Giants
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What do people like in Tri-Cities?

Tri-Cities is a good sports town. The community fiercely supports its two main home teams, the Tri-City Americans and Tri-City Dust Devils. One quick way to make friends here is to say, "Man, that Gavin kid is gonna be a good hockey player. Watch out!"

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Aside from the hometown teams, Tri-Citians tend to be Seahawks fans. Sure, you'll see people in gear from other teams, but Friday tends to see the community adorned in "college navy" and "action green." A good number of us are Mariners fans, but it's not nearly as diehard a fandom. 2021 saw the addition of the NHL's Seattle Kraken and already you can see Kraken gear out and about.

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos
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Could you wear 49ers gear? Obviously, you could. But you better be ready for a talking to, however, the good news is that it's usually in old-fashioned fun. The most polarizing sports question you can ask in Tri-Cities is, "what college team do you root for?" Plenty of house signs say "Coug Country," but that's disputed by the University of Washington flag that's waving less than a block away.

Washington State v Washington
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What shouldn't you wear in Tri-Cities?

If you care too much about what people think of you and you really want to make friends in Tri-Cities, you should avoid wearing these items.

Clothing Items You Should NEVER Wear if You Want to Make Friends in Tri-Cities

I'm all for stirring the pot, but even I have my standards. Never wear these clothing items if you want to make friends in Tri-Cities, Washington.

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