I put the question on social media "Would you hire someone if they post about Pot consumption on social media?" ......here is some responses.

Scott Harms

Scott Harms





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    "Yep! It's legal! No different than posting a alcohol post"

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    "as long as they do it on their free time, doesn't inhibit their ability at the job, have not smoked on the job, or doesn't pressure anyone on the job, it's completely separate. To each their own, and honestly, alcohol does much more damage than pot. Although I wouldn't post it on Facebook. It seems childish, unless you're in the industry. I just think that actual mature adults wouldn't do it."

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    "if they had pictures of them wasted and partying. It just throws up a red flag of being undependable"

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    I would think the person's performance would be a better determining factor. I would hire them, then decide if what they do outside of work is a representation of them as an employee. Because i know TONS of people who, in the office or at work, are completely different people. They have the ability to be professional when they're supposed to be. Letting ones "hair down" so to speak is necessary for happy people. Some drink, some smoke cigarettes and others smoke pot. Pot is the least destructive of them all.

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    Most responsible people wouldn't post it.

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    I wouldn't condemn someone for a couple pics on facebook.

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    I don't think it's a smart idea to post on social media when your looking for a job. Employers use Facebook alot to check people out.

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    I have told my boys many times that what they post could have an impact on whether they are hired for a job. That's the way it goes on social media. Posting political or religious opinions can cause people who disagree to be turned off, would you take that chance with a potential employer

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    I don't care what someone does on their off time if it's legal. However, if you post about weed 24-7 on your Facebook page it shows me two things: one, you don't know how to work the privacy settings on Facebook, and two, you don't care that potential employers will see that you smoke weed and may have a problem with it. Both of those show lack of good judgement. Same goes for if you have a bunch of drink posts. Sure, we all have cocktails with friends sometimes, but if you're hammered in every photo, we've got a problem.

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    Several posts I would have more of a problem with. It makes me worry that they will be doing it all the time. Even while at work. I wouldn't want someone showing up to work intoxicated.

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    social media can catapult or sink a person to a prospective employer faster than anything, any questionable posts should be thought carefully about

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    YES SIR!... wait, what was the question?

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    Nope. Not even if I were walking through a fire wearing a gasoline suit with a taser on my caboose. Just no!

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    Yes, it is not breaking the law!

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    I wouldn't want to work for someone that does facebook judging

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