Top Gun: Maverick is already the biggest hit of 2022. It made $716 million in the United States, and $1.48 billion worldwide, better than every other release this year. But if you are the one person who missed out on seeing it on a big screen, you’re about to get one last chance.

Paramount announced today that the film will be returning to theaters for two weeks in early December. Per the press release, Maverick’s trip back to multiplexes will include “select premium large formats and IMAX.” So if you saw Maverick big, but didn’t see it really big — or you just want to see it one more time with a crowd — you can do that as well.

There’s also a new poster for the film’s IMAX re-release. (I would be wary about trusting anything the guy quoted here says.)


The move to put Maverick back in theaters comes at the start of the busy holiday moviegoing season and as Academy voters are beginning to submit their picks for year-end awards. With no clear frontrunner for the year’s biggest prizes so far, Top Gun: Maverick stands a decent chance of getting a bunch of nominations, not just in the near-guaranteed technical categories like Best Editing or Best Cinematography, but perhaps even in more prestigious ones as well. A Best Actor nomination for Tom Cruise seems like a long shot, but a Best Picture nomination doesn’t seem out of the question, especially since ten films will be nominated this year.

Top Gun: Maverick will be playing in theaters again from December 2 through December 15. Its streaming premiere on Paramount+ will follow on December 22. (The original Top Gun is already available on the service.)

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