Here is a recap of the 10 most popular stories we featured on These are what you, the listener, clicked on the most. To reread astory, just click on a headline.The majority of stories on this list are local, not national, revealing how much community love and spirit 102.7 KORD listeners have. It's been a pleasure serving you this year, and we're excited for 2012.

  • 10

    2011 Benton Franklin Fair Entertainment

    From March 16

    Even though the fair wasn't for another five months, the announcements of when to buy tickets got everyone excited. And the fair did not disappoint.

  • 9

    Cell Phone Could Earn You a Speeding Ticket

    527 hits since April 1

    This exact same story was published by all of our sister stations and it made the list for each of them as well. I guess people have strong feelings about talking while driving!

  • 8

    Travel Leaders' "Postcards from Paradise"

    580 hits since July 12

    This was a popular contest and we got a great response. I wouldn't mind going to Hawaii right about now. Maybe President Obama wouldn't mind me using his plane ticket.

  • 7

    Seattle Seahawks Anthem “Blue and Green”

    669 hits since Jan. 13

    Surprisingly, this was the only sports-related story on our list from 2011. I guess it just wasn't that good of a year for Washington athletics.

  • 6

    Community Reaches Out to Sydnee Neiman

    268 in two weeks

    We were sick about hearing this news so close to Christmas. It could have happened to anyone. If there's one thing Tri-Cities is good at, it's joining in prayer for hurting families.

  • 5

    Funds Collected for Rybeca Connor Family

    791 hits since May 17

    Like the previous story, this sad tale of a successful teenager succumbing to home fire touched all our hearts. As we look back, there are as many reasons to mourn 2011 as to celebrate.

  • 4

    What If You Won the Lottery?

    1,198 hits since March 18

    This was a popular contest. I guess we all harbor a secret desire to win big. So much for Walden Pond!

  • 3

    Toby Keith Live! At the Gorge Amphiteater

    1,297 hits since April 8

    Some big names came through the Columbia Basin in 2011 and our listeners got excited about it!

  • 2

    Wrangler Gal and Horse Thwart Bear Attack

    2,358 hits since Sept. 21

    This heroic tale of a women saving a teenager from a grizzly bear made our jaws drop.

  • 1

    Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina are NOT an Item

    2,855 hits since May 9

    Our No. 1 most read story from 2011 was about the American Idol finalists. This was a surprise to me even though I love these two kids as much as the next guy and want to see both succeed. They're both good looking; maybe they should rethink their relationship status. If things don't work out they could always sign a reality television deal, get married, then get divorced.