Ah, St. Patrick's Day. A day to celebrate the 'wearin' of the green', the patron saint of Ireland, a day of feast. And green beer or the beverage of your choice, naturally. But it's not a great day to drive, thanks to those who see fit to drink and get behind the wheel.

Here's a friendly reminder from the Kennewick Police Dept.

Traffic Tuesday

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the deadliest times on our nation’s roads. During the 2015-2019 St....

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Now that we have the important stuff out of the way, and you've been made completely aware of the dangers of drinking and driving (again), let's cover the fun stuff...Let's talk about drinks for St. Pat's day that are great with or without the booze.

I love Limeades from Sonic. It's a great drink for the holiday and so simple to make. Simply use regular Sprite or Sprite Zero and 1/2 squeezed lime. Honestly, it's that simple. It's amazing how much different the Sprite tastes just by adding lime juice. How much vodka you want to pour in after that is up to you! (I add freshly squeezed lemon juice instead of lime sometimes just to change it up. It makes great sparkling lemonade!)

Once in a while, I like a glass of Irish Cream in my coffee or over ice. Pro Tip: Bailey's is delicious but way too expensive. You'll find other brands like Saint Brendan's or Carolans just as good and save a few bucks, too.


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