A 29-year-old Pasco man is in the Franklin County jail, after turning a misdemeanor shoplifting charge into felonies.

Juan Francisco Javier Lopez allegedly tried to "make it out" of the Pasco Griggs Department store Monday with a can of fix a flat, but quickly turned into more serious charges.

Their reputation is growing fast, the Griggs Loss Prevention team.  Not only are they watchful, but Pasco Police say if you are detected leaving without paying you will also have a squad of red-shirted workers (most of them large men!) pursuing you into the parking lot.

Lopez apparently discovered that Sunday, as he sped away on his bike, a LPO lowered his shoulder and knocked him off his bike and the can of fix a flat rolled into the street. He then turned it into a felony by punching the worker in the head.

At that point, say Pasco Police, a 'dog pile' of red-shirted workers ensued, who held him down until Police arrived. Lopez is now facing at least 2nd Degree Robbery charges, and had an outstanding DOC Warrant for Escape from Community Custody, plus the assault on the worker.

As Pasco PD said, "Griggs for the win!"

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