Jack McMillan was part of the group that created the Seattle Seahawks in 1976. Then he sold it in 1988 and says he never would have had he known they'd win a Super Bowl.

McMillan is married to one of the Nordstroms -- the Seattle retail dynasty that started selling shoes during the Yukon gold rush and became one of the largest chains in America.

McMillan claims credit for inventing the "Nordstrom Rack" line of stores. In a recent interview he says members of the family decided to invest in the team, and members of the family decided to sell in 1988.

Why did he agree? Did we mention his wife's name? LOYAL. His wife's name is LOYAL NORDSTROM MCMILLAN. Poor sucker never had a chance.

Quotes from recent interview:

We left a lot of money on the table compared to the price of NFL teams today. The reason we sold was because our main concern was the Nordstrom business... After a number of years of ownership, it seemed the losses were more painful and the wins were less satisfying. A trip to the Superbowl would've solved all of that..."