In a recent story from KEPR Action News, it is reported that thrift stores like Goodwill don't want your trash any longer. Now, I'm aware of the rich CEOs that run these companies, and how they promote the whole thing as giving people jobs and doing the community a favor. Personally, I don't care if the CEO is a millionaire, if I can find something way cool for pennies on the dollar, I'm down with that. However, there is a lot of trash at some of these thrift stores and it looks like the pandemic has folks clearing out some garbage. Clearing out the garbage is a good thing, just don't give it to a thrift store. I actually learned this lesson from my wife. There's a difference between garbage and something you just don't want anymore. Look at the item you're about to donate. Is it in a condition worth having? Is it something you would buy if you wanted it? Or, is it garbage?  The comments on the thread below are fairly entertaining because everybody's got an opinion about it and some folks just want to school others into their ways. But that's pretty much anything on social media these days, right?



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