I've noticed that the lately a lot of new places have been opening in the Tri-Cities. It's so hard to decide where to do and when you've found a favorite place, trying new ones seems well, a bit tiring. How do you decide where to go? Well, that's why I like to go discover new places for you, so you can get some advice on where to go. My newest fave place that you HAVE to go check out is At Michele's.

It's got kind of a weird name (yes, the whole name is At Michele's), but OH MY, this place is amazing!!! It doesn't feel like it should be in the TC. Seriously, when I walked in I was transported to New York, or Vegas, Seattle, or Chicago! This places is SO BEAUTIFUL! The decor and ambiance is out of this world. Beautiful art, plush decor, the lighting the bar, EVERYTHING is beautiful. From the beautiful baby grand piano in the foyer, to the velvety cozy corner area, so the well stocked bar, this place is gorgeous!

But of course, it takes more than having a place look good to make it a must-be-at location. The staff is super welcoming and helpful, and I have to talk to you at about the cocktails. I got this drink (sorry I can't remember the name of it right now), but it's one of the cocktails made with apple-wood smoke. Like actual smoke! Check out the video of the drink being made below and you'll see what I mean... It's UNREAL!


I didn't get to try any food, but my friends have informed me that the food is as legit as the drinks. They have an awesome gluten and dairy-free menu in addition to their regular menu! Also, they have a stage, incredible patio, private dining area, and the whole place can be used as a venue for your wedding, bridal show, corporate meeting, office party and more!

Yes, it's in north Richland (2323 Henderson Loop Richland, 99354) and Tri-Cities people can be a bit weird about having to drive 10-15 minutes to get somewhere, but I promise you the drive is shorter than you think and it's SO worth it! Check them out for your next date night, girls night out, dudes, gathering, or Sunday brunch. Also, they're having huge grand opening events and luau Aug 10-11! Food, beverages and live entertainment with Colorblind and Eclectic Approach! Ok, I'll stop talking and just let these photos speak for themselves.


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