I thought that this was rather humorous. A friend of mine Cindy from Fudgies Bakery in Richland (Yes I have friends) sent this picture of an unusual item that somebody left behind in a store parking lot.

No I have pulled into a parking lot and found the empty half rack of beer bottles....and I think "Who would be so bored that they had to drink in a store parking lot?" Is there a velvet rope and a doorman for that special drinking section of the parking lot.

Well I don't know what special part of the parking lot this was and how the person presumably female lost this piece of clothing but I did find it an interesting story line about how this person became seperated from their underwear in a store parking lot. Was it maybe just laundry that feel out of the trunk? Was a dog that dropped it? did it fall out of the talons of an eagle that was flying overhead?

Let your imagination run wild I guess. But it does make me wonder? What kind of unusual things have you ever found in a store parking lot?

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