I remember being a kid growing up in Washington and my parents saying this was the law but I found out different as I became an adult and realized they were dead wrong.

Do you remember your parents yelling at you to turn off the dome light in the car when you were on your long trips or vacations? If not, you are lucky to have avoided this long-time-honored tradition of getting yelled at by your parents.

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My parents always squawked about the dome light on in the car and they would always say that it was against the law and to shut it off immediately. I've lived my entire life thinking that this was the law and imagine my surprise after a little digging, I think they got the law wrong.

Is It Illegal To Drive Around With Your Car Dome Light On In Washington?

Yes, driving with your dome light on can be distracting and even annoying. I know when I see a dome light on in another vehicle at night it just looks weird and I'm always curious about what the heck is going on and why their parents aren't yelling at them.

In an article from the News Tribune, it was reported that there isn't a specific law on the Washington State books about driving with your dome light on but there is one area that could get you a fine and ticket.

Can I Get A Ticket For Driving Around With My Dome Light On In Washington?

If you have a pickup truck and it illuminates anything else besides the dome light, you could face a fine for that. A fine for illuminating a white light towards another vehicle is $136

If you have any light illuminating towards other vehicles, that's where you can get a fine.

The dome light can be on as long as it's not distracting other drivers around you so now you know that your parents didn't know the law or they were just irritated that you had the light on and wanted to scare you.

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