OMG, a hopeful posted piece done many moons ago, late January this year fer cryin' out loud, has come to fruition as the new NHL franchise in Seattle, the 32nd in the league, will be known as the Seattle Kraken!

And here I was hoping for the Rain City Bitch Pigeons, but this is a close second!

40,000 people are currently on a season tickets waiting list for the new hockey club in town, the NHL's 32nd franchise which will begin play in the winter of 2021, and the team promises to bring a hockey passion and eventually the Stanley Cup back to Seattle. Over the last two years, 100,000 plus people have given their input on well north of 1000 unique team name ideas.

Of course a Kraken is bold on the surface, but what lies beneath is plenty powerful, too. The club hopes the brand, like the beast it's named after, grows and evolves with the city of Seattle over time.

I did not know that Puget Sound waters are home to the largest octopuses in the world.

The Krak House!

Fans are Krak Heads!

The announcement was made to a large group of socially distanced, hard hat wearing construction workers tasked with building the Amazon owned Climate Pledge Arena (The Krakhouse).

On the team's logo, two shades of blue make up the squiggly S for Seattle, featuring a gnarly red eye in the upper turn of the "S" with a tentacle snaking its way inside the S. The team says the stealthy tentacle and glowing eye will reflect the team's attitude, tenacity and how the club will approach every game.

Near the end of the presentation Tod Leiweke, one of the co-owners of the team, gave a web address to start scoring team swag, Unfortunately the sight has either crashed or wasn't working to begin with, as I literally was typing the address into the search engine as Leiweke was disclosing it for the first time and I still couldn't get in to score anything.

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