The two most popular drinks in the United States of America are the Whiskey Sour and the Long Island Iced Tea, which were both number one in six states. At the head of the class:

1. Whiskey Sour. It was the most popular drink in six states

2. Long Island Iced Tea, also six states.

3. Moscow Mule, five states.

4. Tequila Sunrise, four states.

5. Mimosa, four states.

Washington digs Gin & Tonics, Oregon and Idaho are with the Whisky Sour crowd.

Minnesota was the only state that thought the Bloody Mary was tops of the pops and for whatever reason Cosmopolitans are numero uno in Rhode Island?

The Long Island Iced Tea was NOT number one in New York, nor was the Manhattan. People in New York voted for the Moscow Mule.

Oh, and a Sex on the Beach was number one in two states: North and South Dakota. Which might just be further from a beach than any other two states the union.

From, here's the full map.

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