If you're driving South on 20th Ave. in Pasco and you come all the way to where it ends at A Street by the river, be very cautious! It used to be that traffic southbound on 20th Avenue whether turning right or left onto A Street, did not have to stop. Only traffic traveling east or west on A Street needed to stop. But major construction has been taking place in that area for quite some months now. Lots of riverfront apartments are going up as well as some new business buildings. Now, that intersection is an all-way stop. For now, that means only three stop signs as construction is still in progress where 20th Ave. will eventually continue into the apartment complex. The problem is, people who are used to traveling through that intersection, are used to not having to stop if they're headed south on 20th and turning left or right onto A Street. They may not notice the new stop sign that says all-way stop. I remember the first time I was stopped on A Street after this change, somebody stopped on 20th to let me go forward. I waved them on. I thought to myself haven't you ever been through this intersection before? But I did not know it had changed to an all-way stop overnight, so the driver waiting for me was correct. Then as I was coming down 20th ready to turn left onto A Street, I almost didn't stop and would have caused an accident. Be very aware that the intersection of 20th Avenue and A Street in Pasco is now an all-way stop!


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