It's a story I think every family can tell. You headed to Mount Rainier for a fun day trip, and 48 hours later you're shooting flares in the air, screaming for help, and waiting for search and rescue.

Except you forgot the flares.

There's no cell phone service.

Did you bring a compass? Nope.

Matches in a waterproof container? Nah.

You brought no sunscreen, extra food or water, a flashlight, or even a pocket knife? Ridiculous.

Oh well, search and rescue will more than likely find you. Thank goodness they're good at their jobs!.

Okay, so maybe every family doesn't have a story like that to tell. But plenty of them do. Nearly 500 search and rescue missions were launched over a 3 year period in Washington State alone.

Out of all the national parks in the United States, Mount Rainier and Olympic national parks are two of the most dangerous! Olympic National Park is the 9th most dangerous of them all, and Mount Rainier is number 13.

So grab your compass, a couple of energy bars, and your Leatherman or Swiss army knife and hit the trails! For the full story from the Seattle Times, click HERE.


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