Here are the movie screening times for "The Hobbit." Going to a holiday movie is a tradition for us. When Peter Jackson's Tolkien movies come out we ALWAYS go as a family. They have some violence to them, but it's kind of a clean violence. I haven't read The Hobbit book (Lord of the Rings, yes, but not The Hobbit). I know Smaug is going to die, but I don't know if that's going to be in this movie.

In the last one, I didn't like Bilbo's character. In the beginning he wasn't very likable, but toward the end he was more recognizable as how I imagine Bilbo. So I'm nervous about his portrayal in this one.

We probably won't see it in 3-D. I struggle with 3-Ds. I don't like glasses (even though my eyes need them in real life!). When I take them off to rest my eyes, I can't see what's going on!

Seeing it in 2-D, some of the special effects are long and drawn out. In the very beginning it was really bad. Like the meal with the dishes in the Hobbit hole... when I re-watch it at home I always skip that part. So hopefully there's less of that.

Last time I went to a movie was when I took my mom to "World War Z." She loves zombie movies, which is just funny.