According to a survey of happy couples by, here are eight things you should do if you want a successful relationship:Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert - examples of happy couples.  Maybe they practice these eight things.

1.  Share responsibilities:  Four out of five happy couples share decision-making . . . two out of three share financial decisions . . . and two in three split chores evenly.


2.  Be intimate often:  Three out of five couples said they get really close at least twice a week.


3.  Be affectionate when you're NOT being intimate:  69% of happy couples kiss each other and show affection several times a day.


4.  Be honest:  70% are always honest with each other . . . and don't even tell little white lies.


5.  Stay in shape:  Three in four couples say it's important to be in shape . . . and 18% say their partner's physical appearance is the thing they're most attracted to.

6.  Don't talk about politics:  37% of happy couples say they NEVER talk about politics and another 47% rarely talk about it.


7.  Be the same religion:  71% of happy couples have the same religious beliefs.

8.  Communicate:  72% have in-depth conversations about work . . . life . . . and family on a regular basis.


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