What's in a logo? It's a way to represent your brand in a memorable way to the world. Whether it's a shoe brand, or social media site, logos are pretty important when getting people to remember you. The same can be said for city logos which is one of reasons the city of Pasco is creating a new logo. The logo hasn't been updated since the 1960's and a lot has changed in the community since then. They are working with local marketing and design agency BrandCraft to design the city’s new logo that will reflect what the city is today.

The City and BrandCraft have scheduled a public meeting on Wednesday, June 20, 6:30pm in the Pasco Police’s Community Services Building, at W. 215 Sylvester, to get input on the City’s new logo process. No new entries will be accepted at this meeting, but it's open to the public so the community can give input on the design and how it should reflect the city. If you'd like to be a part of the conversation and design process, make sure to attend the meeting. Other ways to participate are listed below. For more information click here!

   Online survey: BrandCraft has provided a logo redesign input survey where members of the community can answer questions about what the city represents and give feedback about what the public wants to see in the new design. This survey will be open until at least June 20.
·         City of Pasco Logo Redesign Ambassadors: The Ambassador group met on June 13 in a Logo Redesign Vision Meeting with City staff and BrandCraft.  This diverse community group acts as representatives of the project to the public, encouraging other community members to take the online survey, providing direct feedback on the initial logo concepts, and will get the first look at the final logo design.
·         Final Design Concepts Meeting: BrandCraft will design a few different logo options using the community input received, and these concept options will open for public review and feedback at a meeting to be held on July 30. This will be the final public feedback session before the final concept is created- the entire Pasco community is invited and encouraged to take part!


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