Here at Townsquare Media, we try to keep pretty good track of everything that's going on around town. But when it comes to holidays like Halloween, there are so many events to share with you, I just know we're going to miss some.

But my search eventually led me to a website called Tri-Cities Family Fun. They also have a Facebook page HERE. They claim to be the number one online resource for family-friendly events in Tri-Cities, and I believe it!

They've got everything listed that you need to know about four fall festivals and trick-or-treating. From Red Mountain wagon rides to the various Trunk or Treats going on all over the place. Plus you'll find out about every pumpkin patch in our area, not just the big ones.

Were you aware of a Boo Bash volleyball tournament? How about the Scare-ousel? And what about Dino Mayhem? It's all here in one convenient spot at Tri-Cities Family Fun!. (It's also a great website to bookmark for your next Tri-Cities event, Halloween or otherwise...they'll be glad to list it). Happy Haunting!

Favorite Halloween Joke: 

A skeleton walks into a bar, slaps his money on the counter and says, "Bartender! Gimme two beers and mop!"


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