We asked listeners on our radio station's Facebook page where the best haunted decorated yards are in the Tri-Cities. I don't even know where people store all of these decorations all year long! Some of these are pretty intense.

One suggestion is 1019 Elm Street in Richland, the commenter said they will have an awesome haunted maze.

Another commenter, and I have shared the full Facebook post below, said that Michael Osborne's house will be excellent once he's done with it. No address or anything but Michael Osborne clicked like on that comment LOL. Michael, where are you?

South Highlands Boulevard in West Richland right off of Paradise is supposed to be a pretty good one to look at, especially if you love (or hate) spiders!  Listener Allie posted a picture in the comments below.

But the one that got a lot of interest is at Leslie Road and Peachtree in Richland (pictured above). Pretty darn cool, and where do they store that stuff all year long? LOL



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