Last year I was scrolling around fun houses for sale and came across the Snow White House. It's designed to look exactly like a storybook home, and is surrounded by woods in NW Washington. I was SURE someone would buy it, even though the price tag was a big on the high side. Well, apparently not. The house has been on the market for over a year, and still no buyer. So, the price has gone down by $50,000! That may seem like a lot, but the price for the home is still pretty spendy.

If you love Snow White or other storybook tales, you can purchase this rather extraordinary home for just $775,000! Myself? I'm still waiting for the price to drop a LOT more. I'm thinking the home will stay on the market a bit longer, unless someone has a rich fairy godmother who can step in with the cash. ;)

John L. Scott Inc.