Not everyone makes Thanksgiving dinner the same, but most families follow a basic outline. I'll be ranking the foods served at your "average" Thanksgiving dinner.

6. Cranberry sauce - Call me uncultured, but I can't stand cranberry sauce. I don't even look at it, I'm so revolted by it. Judge away, but my feeling about it is unwavering.

5. Greenbean casserole - It's not my favorite, but I won't skip it. It all comes down to the cook's recipe. Rarely have I been wowed by it.

4. Pumpkin/Pecan pie - No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a serving of pie. Some like it "neat" while others like whipped cream or ice cream. I'm a big fan of cherry/peach/apple pies, but they're typically not served at Thanksgiving, so I feel like I'm settling.

3. Turkey - I know. How dare I list turkey so low, but I feel you can't argue with my top two.

2. Mashed potatoes - I probably eat more of this than any other food that's being served on Thanksgiving. Each serving I try to dress it differently. I start out by melting butter over the potatoes, then the second helping is usually doused in gravy.

1. Stuffing - It's the creme de la creme. This is what makes or breaks Thanksgiving dinner. I Iove stuffing so much, I actually prefer it on the outside of the turkey. Everyone makes theirs differently, but it's virtually impossible to make bad stuffing.

Do you agree with my list? If not, you could always try change my mind by inviting me over for dinner. I'm free all week.

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