Very early Sunday, Pasco Police respond after hearing what were obviously gunshots outside East Pasco nightclub.

  The teen dropped off at a local hospital with a wound

Around 12:40 AM Sunday morning, Pasco Officer Sergeant Ward heard what were "obvious gunshots" from the area of 1st Ave. and Columbia Street, which is where the newer Tropicana Nightclub is located.  It's at 101 West Columbia.

Despite officers arriving very quickly to investigate,  before they got there, somebody took a male teen shooting victim to a nearby hospital where he was dropped off with a gunshot wound. The location and severity of the injury were not released.

  Police say nobody called 9-1-1

It's good that several witnesses have come forward, and PPD says they have seen some video. However, nobody at the time of the shooting called 9-1-1.  Pasco PD said they KNOW where is at least one, possibly more vehicles with bullet holes, at least one with blood in or on it, and more.


Another view of location (Google street view)
Another view of location (Google street view)

We don't know, or Police have not released, what led to the shooting. They did say it occurred just outside of the club.

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They are urging people to come forward with whatever information they may have. It can be reported confidentially. The investigation continues.

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