An update on the teen gun threat from Tuesday morning.

Four teens involved in gun threat

Around 11:32 AM Tuesday, four teens were seen spraying graffiti on some apartment units near West Clearwater and North Arthur Street. This is a modified location from the earlier report that indicated it was closer to North Filmore.

Clearwater and Arthur would likely make them the Centerpoint Apartments, or the Tanglewood or Peppertree Complex. Police did not specify which complex.

The youth were confronted by an apartment complex worker, at which time the teens pulled out a handgun and threatened the worker. A moment later the four ran from the location.

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With the assistance of Benton County Deputies and other Police units the four were traced to a home near North Harrison Place and West Hood, where they were contacted without incident.

After an investigation, one youth is facing an Assault 2 charge, another one malicious mischief, and a third is facing minor in possession of a firearm charges.


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