It's back to school time and while families are preparing to get their kids ready to go, teachers are working hard to get ready too. They have to much to prepare to make sure they have the best learning environment  for our kids. They are busy getting supplies, setting up work stations, decorating, and planning lessons to give kids the best. So, I'm so happy that a local restaurant is giving teachers a break.

On Monday, August 27th, teachers get to eat for free at Tumbleweeds!

Tumbleweeds Annual Teachers Eat FREE Day! If you are a Teacher in the Tri-Cities Area for any area school you get a FREE Meal up to $10 at Tumbleweeds. We do this annually on the day before school starts (Richland School District) to show our appreciation to local teachers for all you do. This year we will be offering free meal from 10:30am-2:30pm on Monday August 27th. All you need is a Badge or school ID and that's your meal ticket.

Home school parent/teachers, and school other school district employees can also get in on the deal. How cool!? Check here for all the details and thanks teachers and school employees, you are appreciated!

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