Report–Pasco Suspect Died Because Relative Interfered With Arrest
Information released by the SIU (Special Investigation Unit) looking at the fatal shooting of a Pasco break in suspect December 14th says the man would still be alive if a relative had not interfered in the incident. That night 18-year-old Alejandro Betancourt-Mendoza died after he slashed two officers who were attempting to arrest him in connection with a burglary in the 2000 block of North 18th
Man Shoots Self to Cover Up Gambling Debt–WHAT?!?
Milton Freewater Police ran across one of the more unusual cases Wednesday night, a man who was in debt for gambling. That by itself was not that weird except his idea for dealing with it, or getting out of it, was to shoot himself. Apparently his idea was to claim he was robbed and shot in the process, so the money he was going to use to cover the debt was stolen...

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