Laundry Cart Thief Is on the Loose! [PHOTOS]
A sniff of the garments and he's on the run. A laundry cart thief is being sought by the Kennewick Police Department. I'm not sure if he stole the clothes or not, but the laundry cart is missing and KPD are on the hunt for it.
Richland Man Practices Lost Art of Syphoning Gas
I haven't seen this done since I was a kid but a Richland man recently was spotted syphoning gas out of an old Chevy.
My family was notorious for stealing gas and you don't see a lot of thieves pulling that stunt these days but looks like someone still knows how to do it.
Hips, Dips And Wheelchair Assault: Gump File
A women goes back to court when she brags about her moves on the dance floor. A teen tries to get help from the cops, but ends up with a short ride to a cell. An elderly man rams into a women on a bike, and tries to get away. Oh, did we mention he was drunk and in a wheelchair...