You’d Think Thieves Would Know Better By Now
With technology & social media you will get caught...Do you know who these two are?
Theft Investigation (Report #18-11874)
The two pictured suspects were caught on video shoplifting hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from a mall store. Ca...
A Country Fan’s Guide to the Tri-Cities [MAP]
The Tri-Cities has evolved in the past century, but we all know it was always has been and always will be farm country. That means Country music is king and don't forget it! We've assembled a map of the Tri-Cities to accommodate your Country lifestyle. Check it out!
Best Dressed at the Fair
How you dress DOES matter at this years Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo. I saw prizes awarded to people wearing the most eye catching garb! Show off your wardrobe and you may get free stuff at this years 2012 Fair!
How to Adorn Yourself Affordably in the Tri-Cities
For dressing cheaply, the Tri-Cities has half-a-dozen thrift stores including Good Will, Value Village, and Plato’s Closet as well as discount stores such as Ross Dress for Less and TJ Max.
Tri-Cities shopping (especially bargain shopping) is very limited. We ...