Taco Bell is gearing up to launch some tasty new fries for you this month. It's their new Nacho Fries!

Taco Bell has been testing the little yummy critters in other markets but now they are set to launch in the Tri-Cities on Jan. 25.

This newest addition to Taco Bell's menu comes just a month after the company said it would introduce 20 $1 menu items in hope of keeping up with other fast food restaurants dollar menus.

Customers can order Taco Bell's new seasoned fries with a side of nacho cheese from the dollar menu or opt to make the order "Supreme" — adding pico de gallo, beef and sour cream on top — for $2.49 or "Bell Grande" — all the same toppings as the "Supreme," just larger — for $3.49.

I can't wait to try these bad boys, and think about how good these will taste on a late night run to TB.

You can check our details on the new Nacho Fries here 

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