A Sunnyside man was shot and then chased after trying to stop gang graffiti artists from painting in his neighborhood. Miguel Rodriguez was on "his block" with Sierra E. Guajardo when he noticed guys near a grey van painting a blue "BGL" in his neighborhood and went to try to scare them off according to news reports. During the confrontation someone from the grey van fired a gun multiple times at Rodriguez and grazed his hip. Rodriguez and Guajardo then jumped in their car and tried to get away but the gang taggers chased them and kept firing bullets while they chased them.

The shooters chased them for three blocks firing shots from their gun until Rodriguez missed a turn, hopped a curb, and crashed into another car. The shooters drove away and Rodriguez walked to the local Sunnyside hospital. The gang graffiti had the blue letters "BGL" which stands for the California gang Bell Garden Locos, a large gang already known to be in the Yakima area. Police say if you see gang graffiti happening in your neighborhood call the local police.


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