Do you have a box of records from way back when or do you still collect records?  Apparently so does Kristian Bush of Sugarland and now there is a way for you to share your records!

Kristian Bush is introducing the duo’s influences to fans by opening up his record collection. The ‘Day Off Record Club’ is a chance to listen and discuss an entire album that he owns. The first album on the turntable is R.E.M.’s ‘Murmur’.

Kristian sez “This idea started on Saturdays when I would show my kids what a vinyl album was and let them pick one to put on the turntable,”

Kristian went on to say “We would listen and they would dance or draw or color while I drank coffee. They started asking questions about the music and looking at the record covers. They got interested in what they could hold in their hand.”

Now I have no idea how big his record collection is but there is nothing cooler than putting a record on the stereo, and kicking back and listening to an album with no interuptions...and listen all the way skipping songs. Read more at Taste Of Country

Here is Sugarland performing Stand up!