If you could name the corner you live on after a country song what would it be?


Amanda Adams: ‎"I'm here for the party" and "Watermelon crawl"

Jessica Janee: "Finch" and "My Give a Damn's Busted"

Peter Kinsey: The comer of "Truck Yeah" and "Some Beach"

Ryan Paulson: The corner of "Right Where I Need To Be" and "Get Off On The Pain" (huge Gary Allan fan!)

Cindy Holloway: "Payne My Kinda Party BLVD" and "Pontoon Lane"

Elizabeth Jacobson: I would live on the corner of "Western Skies" and a "Soft Place To Fal" (God Bless Chris Ledoux!)

Mandy Moore: "Made In America" and "Two Piña Coladas"

Justine Layne: "Hall Redneck Women" and "Don't Take The Girl"

Tommi McDaid: "Fast Cars and Freedom" and "Dirt Road Anthem"

Suzanne Bowen: Usually the corner of "Don't Blink" and "Life Ain't Always Beautiful," but to get there you have to go down "Sounds Like Life to Me" Rd. -- which is off if "Welcome to Wherever You Are" (OK so Bon Jovi isn't Country), which is off of "Broken Bridges Highway." See y'all there with your red solo cups ;-)

Dave Jones: "Its 5 o'clock somewhere" and "Copenhagen"

Jamie Stewart: ‎"Let them be little" & "God bless the U.S.A"

Polly Banks Josifek: "Gun Powder and Lead" and "My Give a Damn's Busted"

Matthew J. Bishop: "Ring of Fire" and "Hello Darlin"

Cheri Thomas: I'm on the corner of "Your Gonna Miss This" and "For You." It's in the new "Keep Me in Mind" subdivision of "Margaritaville"!!!

Lori Jo Cross: "Undo it" and "I will always love you"

Janis Clements Clardy: I'd live on the corner of "Tequila makes her clothes fall off" and "Did I shave my legs for this"