Stranger Things returned to Netflix with the final two episodes of its fourth season on Friday. Thanks in large part to the debut of “Volume 2,” subscribers to the streaming service watched more than 301 hours of just the show’s final season. (It helps when the final two episodes are almost four hours long all by themselves.)

To no one’s surprise, Stranger Things was back atop Netflix’s list of the most-viewed English-language shows on the service this week, taking back the #1 spot after it slipped to second place last week behind the debuting third season of The Umbrella Academy. All four seasons of Stranger Things charted in the top six shows on Netflix this week. (All three seasons of Umbrella Academy were in the top ten as well, meaning that those two shows combined for seven of the ten most popular seasons of English-language TV on Netflix right now.)

Here’s the full top ten list of what’s the most-popular shows on Netflix right now:

The Ten Most-Watched Shows on Netflix Right Now

Here are the most-watched shows on Netflix on July 3, 2022.

Stranger Things Season 4 ranks among the top 10 TV shows in 93 different countries around the world on Netflix at the moment, and subscribers have watched over 1.1 billion hours in the season’s first 28 days on the service. That’s a whole lot of Stranger Things.

Elsewhere on Netflix, the top English-language movie for the second straight week was The Man From Toronto starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson followed by Sing 2 and Love & Gelato. The top show in a language other than English was Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area, while the top movie not in English was Blasted, a sci-fi movie from Norway.

But that film only had about 8.4 million hours viewed; roughly two percent of the viewership of Stranger Things Season 4 around the globe last week. You think Netflix is antsy to get production rolling on Season 5?

Netflix’s Most Popular English-Language TV Shows Ever

These are the most popular TV shows ever on Netflix (in English), based on hours viewed in their first 28 days on streaming.
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