I had the privilege of attending the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Country Cares Seminars over the week end and once again I have hope for mankind.

Spending time at a hospital talking about childhood cancer is really not on every one's things to do list, but it should be. St. Jude Children's Hospital  in Memphis is a place of hope and medical discoveries. When you walk through the front doors,  the first thing you will notice are all the smiles, from the volunteers to the staff and even the patients. All the paintings on the walls are bright and colorful, from the animals to the balloons to the blue skies and sunshine, you know it is all about the kids. Little details you might not notice,like doctors, nurses, maintenance crews and even patients and families all eat together at the hospital cafe. Danny Thomas wanted no separation between all people at his beloved St. Jude Hospital, that is why there is one, open seating cafe. KORD will have it's St. Jude radiothon on March 3rd and 4th this year, and I can only hope you all take some time to listen for a while and find out exactly what the whole goal of this two day event is, and truly understand how important it is. Simply put,your donations could someday save your child's, grandchild's or another family members life, period. There are not enough words, and no amount of time would allow me to explain the feeling you get by walking through the hallways of St. Jude, but the next time a St. Jude commercial appears on your t.v.,watch it. When it's over, picture you child as one of those smiling angels fighting for his or her life. I hope to hear from each and every one of you,  March 3rd and 4th,God Bless.