As if yesterday's tragic school shooting at Freeman High School near Spokane weren't bad enough, the young man who lost his life trying to get the shooter to stop, Sam Strahan, had recently and suddenly lost his father.

Strahan Family

According to a GOFUNDME post from June of this year:

On Sunday 6/18/17 Scott Strahan tragically passed away.  He is survived by his wife, Ami Strahan, his daughter, Emily Strahan, and his son Sam Strahan.  In lieu of gifts, we ask that you donate to this college fund.  Emily will be a sophomore in the Fall at University of Washington.  Sam will be a sophomore in High School at Freeman.

This update was posted yesterday on the same GOFUNDME page:

September 13, 2017

Still grief stricken from the loss of my younger brother earlier this year, now I learned today that my nephew Sam was killed in this shooting at his high school when he tried to intervene to stop the shooter.


My personal note to the Strahan family:

I'm holding back tears as I write this, I am so sorry for the loss of your brave young man, Sam. I feel there is really nothing I can say or write to take away the pain your family is going through at this time. Just know you are all in my thoughts and prayers and Sam will always be known as a HERO!

Stacy Lee



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