It's a typical day for Spider-Man to swing from rooftop to rooftop but the kids at the Kadlec Pediatric Center got a surprise when Spider-Man was caught cleaning their windows!

Sparkling Clean Windows of Kennewick are the real Super Heroes as they spent time on Wednesday dressed as their favorites from Spider-Man to Superman with the kids as the Kadlec Pediatric Center

The kids who aren't feeling well really enjoy watching their favorites idols suspended and high flying above the ground and in the sky. It gives the kids a moment of happiness.

Jason Klovansky, owner of the window washing company says it's their sixth or seventh year of entertaining the kids in the brightly garbed outfits. The idea came from overseas where another window cleaning company had done a similar thing.

We say KUDOS to these fine men and woman who brightened up the kids day at Kadlec.

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