A recent three-day tour through California, Washington and Colorado was billed as, 'the trip of President Barack Obama to the American west'. The only small little detail was, on the press passes it highlighted the state of Wyoming not Colorado. Oops!

On the press passes, it showed the states of Washington, California, Oregon, Idaho,Montana, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, with the three states of Washington, California and Wyoming highlighted in white. Those were suppose to be the three states Obama was going to visit. CNN reported the mistake was probobly made because the two states are next to each other and are both a similar size and shape, square. Colorado Republican Party chairman Ryan Call was interviewed on Fox news and said, ' If the White House can't even find Colorado on the map, how in the world does Barack Obama expect to address the issues of the economy and unenployment that are facing Colorado voters?' Well played. You are the President of the United States, do you not have proof readers? How many people looked at this, and went,' Looks good Scooter, print up about a million of em'. If you are only as good as the people around you, the President needs to re-evaluate his help. Hell, Hanford just had 2,200 people laid off, I bet most of them can find Colorado on a map, give them a call. High gas prices, government in shambles, no jobs, billionaires ripping off the working class decent folks and getting a slap on the hand when caught, health care a joke, and our elderly can't afford to go to the doctor or keep up on their prescription drugs. Don't even get me started on the shape of our public schools. The biggest problem is no one in Washington is taking anything seriously. Case in point. Colorado Democratic Strategist Laura Chapin commented on the mix up of the states with this gem. ' I know they might get their square states confused, but there are more people than cows here'. Bravo, Bravo, she needs to take that act on the road. Just some thoughts. If you read this and got mad, remember I didn't vote for him.

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