It was 10 years ago that America was attacked on her on soil. We will always live with that day and the events that unfolded September 11, 2001.

Nearly 3000 Americans lost their lives that day. As we dedicated the 9-11 Memorial at the Southridge Sports complex yesterday Let us take you thru our day and what went on on putting together this balloon send off.

We arrived early with our friends Gary & Laura from Oxarc and 6 tanks of helium and a special balloon manifold.

The balloon crew was assembled of station staff, family, & listeners! Look at us all bright & cheery! Thank goodness it was cool!

So we had a lot of folks ask us. How do you corral 3000 balloons? Well.....thats what station tents are for!

So we finished our task in about 2 hours! Thanks again Oxarc of Pasco, The Paper Factory of Pasco and Yokes Fresh Markets (They sent over pastry & fresh coffee! Yummy). At about 11am the artifact which is an actual beam from the World Trade Center made it's arrival leading a procession of police & fire departments and veterans. What a sight.

Once the artifact arrived it was lifted into place and then awaited the dedication

The crowd was tremendous. Police estimated at 5000. Everyone really wanted to be part of this event and wanted to be sure that "We will never forget"

This amazing and then it was an amazing red & blue balloon send off of the nearly 3000 souls that were lost on that day September 11, 2001.


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