Police in southeast Idaho were called to the scene of a stabbing yesterday involving a pitchfork.

The Bingham County Sheriff's Office responded to the incident Wednesday morning in the city of Shelley, according to details shared by idahonews.com. A father and son were reportedly involved in an altercation prior to the stabbing. Shelley is located 150 miles northeast of Twin Falls.

Jonathan Rawson, 35, has been charged with aggravated battery. Rawson allegedly used a pitchfork to inflict wounds to his father. The incident was reported at approximately 3 a.m. No information is available on the condition of the victim.

According to Idaho law, Section 18-907, aggravated battery is described as inflicting "great bodily harm," with the use of a weapon that is considered deadly. A maximum punishment of up to 15 years in prison, along with another 15 years probation, could be handed down if a person is found to be guilty.

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