Governor Kristi Noem is out front leading South Dakota officials in defending the state's new anti-drug ad campaign after it was mocked online for showing images of people with the tag line, "Meth, I'm on it" or "Meth, we're on it."

The internet commentary said the tag line over the photos made it appear that the people were saying they're on meth, but Governor Noem tweeted, "Hey Twitter, the whole point of this ad campaign is to raise awareness. So I think that’s working . . . ."

Secretary for the Department of Social Services Laurie Gill, whose department oversaw the campaign, said, "We didn't want this to look like every other anti-drug campaign." So, does this approach invite thought and awareness, or simply invoke laughter?

Since traditional anti-drug campaigns don't seem to be working against South Dakota's epidemic, do you have a better idea?

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