So I am sitting here putting together a fantastic afternoon radio show for you our loyal KORD listeners and I get an email. Here it is; “Ash Tray” on fire…again…very gross smelling!!!

Has that ever happened at your workplace? Now I used to smoke but I stopped in May of 2010. Haven't picked up a cigarette since then.

Over the years Washington state has followed the lead of many states in banning smoking in public places. Including resturaunts and bars. That also means that you can't smoking within 25 feet of an open window or doorway.

Some states have taken it a step further and have banned smoking in any public place and that includes parks and other places where the public may gather. That law has not passed yet in Washington but it may be coming.

There are plenty of employers that have banned smoking on any company property including the Hanford site. We have heard that you can't even smoke in your car on company property out there. So does that mean you really would drive a mile for a Camel?

So lets find out how you really feel about this whole smoking thing. Take our Poll. We'll let everyone know what the results are. Thanks for playing!

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