A Brazilian DJ recently escaped grave danger after unknowingly being chased by a bear while snowboarding on vacation in the French Alps.

After a day of snowboarding, DJ Alok, whose real name is Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo, took a break from shredding the slopes to revisit some of the footage he had captured using a selfie stick.

Believing the footage would feature the typical sweeping surroundings and white pow — that's snowboarder slang for fresh powder, or snow — Alok was shocked to discover a big brown bear had been chasing him down the slopes.

Alok shared the video to his 26.7 million followers on Instagram, captioning the clip, "Watch until the end. I was watching some videos of the trip, and this day was crazy!"

In the video, you can see the DJ 'boarding down a snowy hill while clutching his selfie stick high in the air to help track his adventurous path down the slope.

Suddenly, an enormous bear thunders out of the tree line and gives chase behind Alok, with the DJ none the wiser.

Alok fails to notice the bear while recording. He continues to make his way down the slope unscathed after his would-be predator eventually gives up and sits down in the snow.

Watch the footage below:

"There was a bear behind you! You didn't see it at the time, did you? I've watched this video 28,363 times because I couldn't believe it," one Instagram user commented under his video.

Another commented: "If that were me, I would have panicked and fallen over 300 times," another user wrote.

DJ Alok has been a DJ since 2004. He is best known for his single "Hear Me Now."

Alok won the award for Best Remix at the 2019 International Dance Music Awards for his production on "Piece of Your Heart." In 2021, DJ Mag ranked him as the fourth best DJ in the world.

Following his lucky bear escape, DJ Alok is set to perform at London's famed Ministry of Sound club on March 12.

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