Right about the time I think I've heard every different way to describe the weather or traffic conditions, I run into slick fog. Literally.

Unfortunately, so did a lot of other commuters Monday morning in Tri-Cities. I can only assume that slick fog is frozen condensation on the roadways. Yep, pretty sure that's what it was. So what's the difference between slick fog and freezing fog? Hells bells if I know. But we had several calls this morning from the Richland area, where morning commuters were coming off of George Washington Way on to Hwy 240 and there were at least a couple accidents in that area. Traffic was backed up that direction, headed out of Richland (east bound).

The fog is slick! We have numerous accidents right now due to the fog creating slick roadways. Please slow down and expect delays in your morning commute.

Posted by Richland WA Police Department on Monday, January 18, 2021

It looks like we might be in for more of the same on Tuesday morning. If you're like me, you leave so early that the roadway seems like it only belongs to you and the cops. So I usually hit cruise control once I'm on Hwy 240. This is apparently a no-no if the roadway is slick. I know that for snowy conditions, but it sucks when you think the roads are fine, but they're actually slick due to the fog. Sometimes I get to work and don't remember even driving there. That's a separate problem. But once I get sideways because of slick fog, I usually wake up. Usually. Aren't you glad you leave for work later than I do?



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