It seemed like maybe we would never, ever, EVER get to eat in a restaurant ever again.. but the time has finally come!

Well sorta... You can go, you just can't go in! Well actually you can go in, you just can't sit down!  You either take it to go or you eat it outside! But not in a bad way, it's not like you are in the dog house, having to take your dinner outside, you just have to dine on the patio! That's right, so many restaurants and bars are either re-opening or extending from just take out to outdoor dining.

Now that the Tri-Cities has graduated to 1.5 in the phase category many businesses are able to extend their service. Bars and restaurants all over our area are opening their patio for sit down service.

I personally wasted no time going out to feed my belly and get my socializing fix! My best bud "Bubba" and I drove out to The Dive in Richland, to do just that.

The fine folks at The Dive are following all of the Benton Franklin Health Department rules and recommendations. We were required to wear our masks until we got to our table (Inslee's Rules not theirs) and then we were allowed to remove them and eat and drink freely. I felt safe and sound, the only danger was my belly grumbling and anyone who stood in the way of me and my sammich!! Luckily we had no issues, nobody stood in the way, my belly only sounded threatening and nobody got hurt!  Man oh man, let me just say this... they DID NOT disappoint!

We started out with an appetizer, the "Poutine" and OMG I am still having dreams about this beautiful sculpture they call food! For lunch we each ordered a sandwich and a burger, we then shared them with each other so we could get a little taste of everything. I had the Reuben and Bubba had the Patty Melt.

Everything was amazing! Like really, really amazing, it felt good. It all felt so good! Being back in public, seeing small businesses survive, having a cold beer with my friend, eating my meal before it got cold on the drive home, but mostly NOT HAVING TO COOK! So many reasons to appreciate phase 1.5... I can't wait to see what 3 and 4 have in store for us! Yippee!!

Here are some photo's from my visit to make you salivate!

The Dive1
Dive sign
Dive patio




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