I heard someone ask something about their third stimulus payment and I was like....third? Oh yeah, we got the first one for $1200, then a $600....and now the new $1400 payment is rolling out. Kinda wish we adopted that small village of kids now that mine are grown and out of the house...each dependent gets $1400 also.

A lot of folks have received theirs already, and some people are saying that it's 'pending' in their account for several days. This is normal as there are millions of payments and it's taking longer than usual to finalize the processing.

But if you're wondering just when they will SHOW YOU THE MONEY, the new IRS 'Get My Payment' tool should answer all your questions (LINK BELOW). It will let you know when it will be sent, if it's been processed, and if you're even eligible. If it says payment status not available, don't freak out...it just hasn't been processed yet (if you're eligible).

I'm surprised at how many people didn't even get one or both of the previous stimulus payments, even though they were eligible. YOU CAN RECOVER THAT MONEY! Yep, you're not the only one and some folks are getting the whole she-bang all at once now that the system has caught up...payments one, two and three all at once! There's a link to click on the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit if you were left out of round one or two. It's all included with easy-to-follow instructions on the tab below.

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